Name:  Undertow              
Real Name:  Ryan Allenthal   Power Source:  Unknown    
Strength: 7d     Edge: 2    
Agility: 9d     Hand: 4      
Intellect: 6c     Health: 25    
Willpower: 4c          
Suit Powers:     Suit Skills:    
Int   Water Control: 14   St   Garrotes  
     -Air Bubbles     Ag   Boating    
     -Drowning     Int   Espionage  
     -Fog     Int   Oceanography  
     -Propulsion   Wp   Survival    
     -Tsunami     Wp   Tracking  
     -Water Creation        
     -Water Elementals      
History & Notes:          
  Undertow is the soft-spoken member of the group known as the Elementals.
While his words may be few, his actions dictate the type of man he is; a cold-  
blooded killer.  Undertow enjoys using his power to drown opponents, and has  
little regard for life.  Undertow envisions himself as the living embodiment of  
the dark side of the ocean and the horror of drowning.    
  For Undertow's history, see Spectre's Issue Guide.