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Every man has a best friend... meet mine.

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In the deepest and most secure area of my vault, I keep my most valuable treasure.  And the most valuable treasure that I possess would be my lovely wife Andi.  Here is a picture of her so that all may pay homage to the Andi-Goddess.


But hold on! 

Recently something just as precious has entered my life... my son!  Click the picture below to see a glimpse into the Miracle of Max!

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Below are a few links to various galleries on my website.  These will usually be miniature galleries and if this section grows much more it may become a section on its own.

HeroClix Conversion Gallery

Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Army

Warhammer 40k Space Wolf Army

CG Super Hero Image Gallery



Lets Not Forget the Inane Galleries

(Or maybe we should)

South Park Pals

Team NXO




This is a place where I talk (at length.. ugh!) about what's on my mind.  Mostly an opinion section, the Soapbox is my forum to discuss issues.  Please feel free to respond to any of these articles, as I will be posting some of the best responses to each.

Rant for September 6, 2000:  Confessions of a Capcom Mark

Rant for October 14, 2000:  Marvel Saga System Vs. Everybody