Name:  Vine                  
Real Name:  Kara Palmano   Power Source: Unknown    
Strength: 4x     Edge: 2    
Agility: 6d     Hand: 4        
Intellect: 8d     Health: 25    
Willpower: 5x          
Suit Powers:     Suit Skills:    
Wp   Plant Control: 14   Ag   Gadgetry  
     -Ensnarement     Int   Biology    
     -Fungus Control          
     -Plant Elementals        
     -Plant Growth        
     -Plant Shaping      
History & Notes:          
  Kara began her villainous career as the felon known as Plantmistress.  She and her
two partners Shock and Earthshaker committed small-time acts of crime until they decided
to make a name for themselves by defeating the up and coming hero Spectre.  They failed
in their attempt, but got enough notoriety to attract the attention of the Rose, who hired
them as extra muscle during a very sensitive exchange with the alien known as Orion.  Of
course, a fight broke out and during the battle Frostbite killed Earthshaker. Kara was
shocked by her friend's sudden and violent death, and subsequently fled the battle.
  Kara took several months off to heal from the emotional damage of Earthshaker's
death.  Besides, her worth as a hired villain was totally shot anyway since she had fled from
the fight.  Shortly thereafter, Kara heard through the grapevine that her other ex-partner
in crime, Shock, had also been killed by the same man.  Kara had never liked Shock all that
much, and thus her death was more of an inspiration than a tragedy.  So Kara decided to
get back into the crime scene, but not as a villain.  Kara began selling information and plans
to other small-time crooks, giving them leads and instructions in exchange for a cut of the
profit.  She enjoyed a moderate amount of success in her new line of work, but missed the
action and adrenaline she used to get from doing it herself.  One of her customers began to
ask her about other villains, looking for a partner to help him in his crimes.  Kara liked the
guy, knew he was reliable, and her powers fit his motif - so it came as no surprise when she
offered to team up with him herself.  Calling herself Vine now, Kara has teamed up with the
villain known as Poison Oak.  Having learned from her mistakes, Vine is back and better
than ever.            
  For more on Vine's history, see Spectre's Issue Guide.