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HeroClix House Rules-   These are the rules we enforce for most of our local tournaments... check them out and let me know what you think!

HeroClix Tournament Types-   This is a guide to what type of "special" tournaments I run.  If you have a calendar and are not sure what the rules are for a particular type of tournament - check here!

HeroClix Conversion Gallery-   A place for me to show off some of the mods we've created for our HeroClix games.

HeroClix Dark Reign Custom Cards-   Character Cards, Feats, BFC's, and more for my Dark Reign custom HeroClix set..

HeroClix Custom Bystander Tokens and Feat Cards-   Just a few neat items I whipped up for fun.  Warning - mostly inside jokes.

Infinity Quest League-   A continuing game of HeroClix using rules inspired by MageKnight Dungeons.  These heroes quest for the Infinity Gems!

Infinity Quest 3D-   Nothing more than me trying to get some use out of my 3D Dungeon tiles.

SAGA Dials for HeroClix-   A few familiar faces from my Marvel SAGA game find their way into the world of HeroClix.

Shadowrun Demo Day-   Check out the cool scenery our local venue acquired for our Shadowrun Demo!



The Creation Matrix-   A fun site featuring HeroClix and a lot of other cool stuff!

HC Realms-   THE Premier HeroClix Fan site!

MK Realms-   THE Premier MageKnight Fan site! (Notice a theme here?)

WizKids Games-   The OFFICIAL site...

JacinB's Custom HeroClix Creations-   Love that Supergirl!

Clixbuilders.com-   Cool 3D terrain for HeroClix.

HeroClix Stuff-   Just like the name says - a handful of neat items.

Online Dial Generator-   A cool resource for making your own dials.