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Click here for specific rules on different "types" of HeroClix Tournaments.

 HeroClix Head-to-Head Tournament Rules

 Game Duration

Each game in a Head-to-Head Tournament will last either a designated number of rounds or until a specific time limit has been reached (whichever comes first).  The amount of rounds/time a game lasts depends on the Build Total allowed for the tournament.

Build Total Round Limit Time Limit
100 - 199 Points 8 Rounds 40 Minutes
200 - 299 Points 10 Rounds 50 Minutes
300 - 399 Points 12 Rounds 1 Hour
400 - 499 Points 15 Rounds 1 Hour and 15 Minutes
500 + Points 20 Rounds 1 Hour and 30 Minutes


Force Creation Specifications

            No figure may be duplicated within your force with the exception of “unnamed” characters (example: Criminal, Henchmen, Hydra Medic, Intergang Agent, etc.).  If there is a question as to what is and is not an “unnamed” character, the Judge will decide.  All regular HeroClix figures are allowed (regardless of which set they come from).  Ask the Judge before bringing any of the "Special" figures such as Galactus, Specter, Dark Phoenix or Jean Grey Phoenix.


Round Points and Aggression Bonus

            At the end of each game, both players will add up the Victory Points they earned during the game.  The player who won will receive 3 Round Points.  The player who lost will receive 1 Round Point.  Players who draw do not receive any Round Points (but if time allows the Judge will find a way to break the tie).  Using the Swiss Style tournament rules each person will play 3 games.  The Judge will then add the total Round Points together of the 3 games for each person and determine the winner of the tournament.  In case of a tie in Round Points, total Victory Points will be looked at to break any ties.  Note that Victory Points are only tallied by what you earn during the game – Build Totals are not factored into Victory Points. Large/Oversized HeroClix figures such as the Sentinel and the Sinestro Construct are not allowed.

            If a player destroys over half of his opponent’s force by the end of the game, he will be awarded an additional Round point (regardless of whether the player wins or loses the game).


Battlefield Conditions

            Before each round begins, every player in the tourney has the option of putting a Battlefield Condition Card forward.  One card will then be randomly chosen and will affect all of the games that round.  Once a player's Battlefield Condition has been selected, he may not put forward any further cards during the tournament.  

            There must be at least 4 cards placed each round.  If there are not enough cards or players to meet the minimum of 4 cards, the Judge may either supplement the pool with random scenarios or elect that no Battlefield Condition is played that turn.


Feat Cards

            Any Feat Cards assigned to a character adds to that character's point cost for all intensive purposes.  The same applies for any benefit derived from a Feat Card (The Thunderbolts card, for example, adds 5 points to each figure that is utilizing the card even though only a single card is required).   If in doubt, ask your Judge.


Rules and FAQ Changes

  • Arch-Enemies: All figures are considered to be black-based.  Arch-Enemy rules no longer apply.  
  • Regeneration: This power works the same as before, except now any roll that would result in a 0 or negative number defaults to 1 click of healing.

  • Wild Card Team Abilities:  Figures possessing a “Wildcard” Team Ability (Such as the Spider-Man, Minions of Doom, or Legion of Superheroes team abilities) may only copy Team Abilities from the same game/rules set.  (Example: A figure with the Minions of Doom team ability may only copy team abilities from the Marvel Heroclix Rules set)
  • 4/5/06 - New Power Descriptions from the Danger Room Starter: The upcoming power descriptions will be in effect as a House Rule until they are fully legal.  For more details, see the WizKids website.

Questions?  Comments?  Criticisms?  Let me know, drop me a line.